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I cannot recall a time when I wasn't enamoured with capturing memories. It's as if I don't trust my eyes and mind to preserve the magic of the moment I'm witnessing. Travelling with me, whether down the street or across the globe, is consistently punctuated with the sound of my camera's shutter snapping shut, filling SD cards with abandon.

Did you really honour something if you didn't take hundreds of photos of it? Of course I'm kidding, but sometimes my understanding of how silly that is doesn't translate to my brain as I line up another shot.

Below are four general categories I've decided to split my photography into. Perhaps you can see the odd image I've turned into a painting.

My images are for sale as prints, in sizes including 8.5x11", 16x20" and 24x36".

Reproduction of any of my images is prohibited without written consent.


Please don't steal my work.


Don't be a stranger!

Gosh there's a lot of social media accounts to maintain! Despite this, I update them in varying levels of regularity.


Click the icons here and follow along for stories, sneak peek photos of works in progress and time-lapse videos!

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