This is a 24x24" acrylic painting on a gallery thick, 1.5" deep, stretched canvas. I shot the reference photo for this piece while staring slack-mouthed at a stunning sunset that bathed Gatineau Park's Champlain Lookout in buttery light for far too short a time.


As with all my work, the image wraps the edges of the canvas, making this piece immediately ready for hanging as there is no frame required. However, for clients who prefer framing their pieces, I recommend a float frame, as it allows a glimpse at the painted edges.

"Champlain Lookout" 24x24" Painting

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  • Artwork type: Original art

    Size: 24x24 inches / approximately 61x61 centimetres

    Edge depth: 1 & 1/2 inches / approximately 4 centimetres

    Medium: Acrylic on double-primed, stretched canvas

    Finish: Matte varnish

    Hanging equipment: Wired on back

    Reference photo: Shot by me, the artist!

    Cleaning and care instructions:

    • Paintings get dusty from time to time, that’s okay! I recommend making a micro-fibre cloth lightly damp with clean water, and very gently running it over the area(s) in question.
    • When moving / working with canvas, it’s important to not let the work lean into anything etc. that could puncture, or distort the material.
    • When it comes to prints, I highly recommend handling them with clean, or gloved hands, even the oils on our skin can impact the sheen and colouring of prints.
  • In the unfortunate case of returns and refunds, I will always do my best to ensure my collectors are taken care of! In the very rare circumstance of shipping follies and/or damage to work, I will work with clients directly to create a reasonable solution.