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This is an 11x14” acrylic and oil painting on a gallery thick, 1.5” hand-stretched canvas.


I took the reference photo for this newest painting "Mom's Garden" in, you guessed it, my mom's garden 🙃 She has these massive mulch flower beds around her property and every time I visit in the summer one of the first things I do is head outside with all her available vases and make seemingly endless flower arrangements for her home. One of my absolute favourite residents of her garden is the echinacea, or cone flower. They seem to bloom FOREVER and their vibrant pink and purple hues can be seen across the backyard.


As far as a painting subject went, I had way too much fun mixing these paints together and ADORED the photographic perspective, blurring out the more distant blooms and hyper focusing on those in the foreground. When I look into this painting I can feel the humid Ontario summer, smell the grass roasting in the July weather and hear a cicada beetle singing in the trees.


A fun element to this painting release is that the edges have yet to be painted! I'm trying something new for me and rather than continue the scene around the edge I'm going to paint it a solid colour to compliment the scene AND I'm leaving the choice of edge colour up to the collector. So! If you become the owner of this newest original painting, I'll contact you to discuss colours for the edges.


**Please note: This painting is scheduled to be scanned for prints once the oil paint has fully cured and cannot be shipped / picked up until scanned. If purchased before it's safe to transport, I will be in contact the moment it's free to move onto its new forever home <3


It will take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for the painting to be carefully packaged and shipped to reach its destination, depending on the destination's distance from Toronto, Canada.


Local pickup is available and encouraged for local clients :)


This artwork is also available as a giclées on stretched canvas and fine art paper.


The photo referenced for this painting was taken by me.

"Mom's Garden" 11x14" Painting

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  • Artwork type: Original art

    Size: 11x14 inches / approximately 28x36 centimetres

    Edge depth: 1 & 1/2 inches / approximately 4 centimetres

    Medium: Oil & acrylic on double-primed, hand-stretched canvas

    Finish: Satin varnish

    Hanging equipment: Wired on back

    Reference photo: By the artist, Hannah Kilby

    Cleaning and care instructions:

    • Paintings get dusty from time to time, that’s okay! I recommend making a micro-fibre cloth lightly damp with clean water, and very gently running it over the area(s) in question.
    • When moving / working with canvases, it’s important to not let the work lean into anything etc. that could puncture, or distort the material.
    • When it comes to prints, I highly recommend handling them with clean, or gloved hands, even the oils on our skin can impact the sheen and colouring of prints.