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This is a 12x24” acrylic and oil painting on a gallery thick, 1.5” birch wood cradle board.


The scene is of the Toronto, Canada skyline, as seen from Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands. The gorgeous image referenced for this painting is by photographer Berkay Gümüstekin (


Back in June 2022, I went on my first day trip to the Toronto islands and found it magical. It's easy for me, an Ottawa girl, to limit Toronto to a metropolis of concrete and glass, but living here for the past year, making this place my home and then deciding to capture aspects of it with my paintbrush strokes has more thoroughly opened my eyes to the beauty of this wonderful city. I'm genuinely eager to paint the next Toronto scenes I have in mind.


"Sundown In The 6ix" is a blend of my ever-deepening love for Toronto, my always-present obsession with dramatic skies and my constant draw towards capturing water and the play of light across reflective surfaces. I admit, I'm especially fond of the green TD Tower sign, the little lightbulb highlights along the skyline, and the sunburst through the west-end buildings.


The scene wraps around the side of the cradle board by a 1/2”, the remaining depth is raw, blonde wood. The entire piece, edges included, is double-coated in a satin varnish.


It will take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for the painting to be carefully packaged and shipped to reach its destination, depending on the destination's distance from Toronto, Canada.


Local pickup is available and encouraged for local clients :)


This artwork is also available as a limited edition giclées on stretched canvas and fine art paper.

"Sundown In The 6ix" 12x24" Painting

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  • Artwork type: Original art

    Size: 12x24 inches / approximately 30.5x61 centimetres

    Edge depth: 1 & 1/2 inches / approximately 4 centimetres

    Medium: Acrylic & oil on double-primed, cradle board

    Finish: Satin varnish

    Hanging equipment: Wired on back

    Reference photo: Berkay Gümüstekin (

    Cleaning and care instructions:

    • Paintings get dusty from time to time, that’s okay! I recommend making a micro-fibre cloth lightly damp with clean water, and very gently running it over the area(s) in question.
    • When moving / working with canvases, it’s important to not let the work lean into anything etc. that could puncture, or distort the material.
    • When it comes to prints, I highly recommend handling them with clean, or gloved hands, even the oils on our skin can impact the sheen and colouring of prints.