The original artwork is  a 24x36” acrylic painting on a gallery thick, 1.5” birch wood cradle board. The scene is of an Algonquin Park islet, featuring four pine trees with the fresh waters of Tom Thomson Lake lapping quietly against its shore. The gorgeous image referenced for this painting is by photographer Eric Batty (@ericbatty), who graciously gave me his permission to use his photograph.


As soon as I came across Eric's photograph on Instagram, I was immediately captivated by its peacefulness. I am immensely soothed by this scene, so much so that looking into it is a nearly full body experience. I can almost smell the pine, the stimulating breeze coming across the lake, hear the susurration of the wind in the branches, the water flirting with the shoreline, feel the calm sunlight against my skin. Painting this made me yearn for a backcountry canoe trip through Algonquin Park. I hope you receive as much tranquility from this painting as I do!


Please note: the scanning and printing process will take approximately 2 weeks. Once I receive the prints batch, I will package & ship out orders as quickly as possible. Depending on where you live in relation to Toronto, Canada, it could be a few weeks before you receive your artwork (local pickup is totally possible and I recommend it for clients within Toronto who have the means to do so).


I send pre-order processing updates and shipping confirmations with tracking numbers to keep my lovely clients in the loop!


**Please note: The print does not come with a frame, the photo featuring a frame is just to help visualize the work once the perfect frame is found / if my clients desire frames for their artwork**

"Tranquility" Giclée Fine Art Paper Print

PriceFrom C$22.00
  • A giclée print refers to a fine art print made through an inket printer on high quality paper or canvas.