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Barn Window
The Girl With The Pearl Earring
Gathering Storm
Champlain Lookout
Reflections 2
Seat of Power
Thistles and Sunflowers




For me, every time I swish paints across a canvas, I’m trying to capture that sense of epiphany, however temporary it may have been.

I get those"I need to pause and take this in" moments while doing things like canoeing across a glass-smooth lake, watching light flirt with leaf membranes or standing to witness fog lift under a morning sun.

Many of the pieces I paint are from reference images I’ve shot. They represent little snippets of my days where I was struck by something magical and then was moved to try my best to preserve and honour that moment, first through photography, and then on canvas.

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I'd                to paint for you!

One of my favourite parts about my time as an artist is when I get to work with clients to put to canvas special, captured moments, or honoured places. I doubt I'll ever take for granted how neat it is to witness or hear second hand about the first time a collector sees their new painting, especially when I've been entrusted to preserve in paints something of theirs that's precious.

Whether it's a scene for your own home, or as a surprise gift for a loved one, I would be thrilled to work with you.

Please see below for testimonials from some of my stellar clients, and if you'd like to discuss commissioning a painting, fill out the form below!

On my birthday I was surprised by my family with the most beautiful, captivating 16x20” acrylic painting of the family farm my grandfather built in the early 1900s.

Hannah was able to capture the feel of that magic place in the far north of Norway. A cold, wintery night, the milky way with all its stars splashed across the sky and the moon kissed mountain side.

You can feel the warmth in the light coming from the farm house.

Hannah also made me a few ornaments with the print of the painting that I gave to my siblings. They all treasured it and are in awe at what Hannah had been able to capture, the gift of a true artist.

I highly recommend Hannah to capture and paint something close to your heart for you.

I will definitely use her in the future!

 Anne Burwash

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Hannah painted a photo taken on a trip of mine out in BC for my apartment when I was redecorating. It's a larger painting, at 4ft x 2ft, and came out incredible!

She worked with me throughout the entire journey; providing me photos along the way and consistently communicating different ideas and directions we could take the painting, without pushing me in any one way. This meant that despite this photo meaning a lot to me, I was never once concerned that it wouldn't turn out amazing.

I am absolutely thrilled by the result; it looks even better than the photo (thanks to her incredible eye for moody landscapes) and has quickly become the statement piece of my apartment.

I would 100% recommend anyone to take this journey with her, and I will be a customer in the future.

 Cameron Tora

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Gathering Storm - 24x48 inches - Acrylic

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Qualicum Bay

My daughter in Ottawa met Hannah and had her paint from a photograph ( which my daughter took) as a gift to us.


It was a photo of a sunset at Qualicum Beach where my husband and I have stayed for at least 15 years each summer and we also grew up spending summers there in our childhoods. It is a magical place for us and to see how Hannah caught that magic in her painting is truly incredible.


She has portrayed not only the magic but the extraordinary beauty and the feelings this scenery brings out in us. I haven't met Hannah personally but we have been sharing emails and she is so delightful and lovely!


Thank you so very much, Hannah!

—  Donna Karpiuk

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